Celebrity Chef


Sharone Hakman has always been the guy behind the grill and now he's the man behind the sauce. His goal? To redefine home cooking and elevate it with developed flavor and sophistication.


Originally a financial advisor, Sharone launched Hak’s after leaving his job to pursue his passion in the culinary world. He successfully appeared on the first season of FOX Network’s MasterChef:  a reality cooking show that sought to find America’s most promising amateur chef. He tested his creation; feeding bbq sauce-smothered steak to 500 Marines at Camp Pendleton and satisfying America’s road warriors with gourmet bbq burgers during a truck stop challenge. When TV’s toughest food critics and chefs were blown away, Sharone knew it was time to share.


Hak's has since grown into a global brand of BBQ, cooking sauces and salad dressings. Blowing its competition away with unique flavor profiles, clean ingredients and an elevated style, Sharone's broad application and impeccable quality sets Hak's apart and keeps you coming back for more.


Now, a highly acclaimed chef, food business owner, dedicated family man and active lifestyle enthusiast, Sharone puts as much love into his food as he does into his zest for life. His celebrity clientele and international television success has not steered Sharone away from who he is: a man who creates love and passion through his food. Life is short... Eat it up!